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2017 Committee


President - Tom Duane

Vice Presidents - Mick Corcoran, Matty Burke and Padraic Colohan

Chairman - Eamonn Sheil - 07956 665355

Vice Chairman - Kerril Burke - 07970 370381

Secretary - Neil Rogers - 07450 279020

Assistant Secretary - Enda Cooney - 07856 981365

Treasurer - Cathal O Kane  - 07867 521231

Assistant Treasurer(s) - Pauline Mooney - 07932 675548

PRO - Michael Coady - 07925 279136

Co. Board Delegate - Mick Nevin - 07867 526693

Co. Board Proxy Delegate - Kerril Burke - 07970 370381

Senior Team Manager : Tom Duane - 07831 113955

Senior B Team Manager : TBA

Please call any of the above if you wish to play or get involved with our club.

The following is a list of the club Life Presidents:

Kerril Burke; Martin Linnane; Pat Fahy; J.J Sheil; John Linnane; Dennis Kennedy; Paddy Guilfoyle; Paula Sheil; Peter Hardiman; Michael Linnane; Tom Burke; Gerry Hanniffy; John Sheil; Frank Canning; Tom Connolly; Mick Murtagh; Finbar Holian; Tommy Duane; Tom Conneely; Bill Twoomey; John Molloy; Fr.John Naughton; Padraic Colohan; Finbar Gantley; Mick Kenny; Jimmy Duane; Mick Nevin; Frank Hennelly; Chris O’Brien; Teresa Burke; Pat Hoctor; Tom Heanue; Ambrose Gordon; Mick Kelly; Mary Sheil; Chris O’Gara; Paddy Finneran; Conor Sexton; Brendie Brien.

The following are Deceased Life Presidents:

We remember Martin Nicholson; Brendan Linnane; Mick Murphy; Tom Lally; Mick Keane; Paddy Carr; Phonsie Gavin; Tom Malone, P.J. McKeown, Padraic Shiel, Pat Tierney and Martin Staunton.  R.I.P


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